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Colette Mathur
Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Gender : Male Location : Geneva , SWITZERLAND
'soul, mind,body'
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Co-President of the Euro-India Center.Earlier,Director, South Asia for WEF-Ecole Supérieure de Relations Publiques in Brussels; Licence de sciences commerciales et industrielles, Diplôme de Troisième Cycle en Gestion d'Entreprise, University of Geneva- Worked for three years in public relations post in Brussels, before joining the World Economic Forum in 1979. 1982-2000, Member of the Executive Board successively in charge of media, Europe, Asia, Public Affairs. Since 2001, responsible for the general development of the World Economic Forum as a Director with direct regional (India and South Asia) responsibilities in charge of the India Economic Summit. Committee Member, Geneva Asia Society. Founding Member, EuroIndia Centre. Also actively involved in various charitable causes.
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