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Policemen shine in social causes

Rajinder Jit   Khurana
Let me state at the outset that the Indian police does not enjoy a good image not to talk of a flattering image..
One, however, wonders if many people appreciate the fact that the men in khaki ca...

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Modi Sarkar: Politics through Culture

Ram   Puniyani
Modi Sarkar: Politics through Culture
Ram Puniyani
The change in the ruling dispensation (May 2014) has more than one aspect which is likely to affect the very social-cultural-political map of...

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Life of Land and Death

Namita  Fanindra  Bhaladhare
Chapter 1
To see the beauty of the mountain more closely, 3 years old Aahil walks closer to it. Soft waves and cold wind greet him with the magnificent beauty of the valley. He could see breathtak...

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यहीं --कहीं

Dr.rashmi  Salil  Kumar
सब कुछ तो वही है , ; पर आज फिर आँखों में कुछ नमी है ,,,,; बात अनकही --फिर महक उठी है ,; बात अनसुनी --फिर चहक उठी है, ; मुस्कुराहटों के बादरो में अश्रुओं की लड़ी है , ; फूलों की बगिया म...

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Proloy  Kumar  Bagchi
The other day The Hindu published a photograph of the blooming neelakurinji flowers on the Neelgiri Hills. The very name of the Hills suggests something to do with a blue hue. The blooming neelakurinj...

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Vishal  Girdharilal  Bhambhani

The Festival of Light- DEEPAWALI is celebrated once in a year. However, its true spirit can be felt everyday and every-moment. Deepawali is the celebration of...

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