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Three Years of Modi Sarkar

Ram   Puniyani
Three Years of Modi Sarkar; ; Ram Puniyani; ; ; ; This May 26 Modi Sarkar completes three years in office. Various programs (Modi Fest) have been organized at various places and ...

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Governing India's breaucracy

Maj Gen Ashok   Coomar
Governing India’s bureaucracy
By Ashok Coomar
Some recent developments have exposed serious issues Involving India’s top bureaucracy which implements the government’s policies from top ...

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The magic of gratitude

Pradeep   Khare
There are so many things happening in our lives some make us happy, and others unhappy. We teach children to say ‘thank you’ to anyone who helps them, gives them something or does them a ...

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Belwa is the first child centric and torture free model village of PVCHR

Shirin  Shabana  Khan
In 2000 PVCHR started its work in southern ghetto of Belwa village where mostly people from other backward caste (OBCs) and dalits such as Patels, Mushahars, Kohars, Lohars and Nuuts resides. The vill...

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Brigadier Arun   Bajpai
On 01 May, Pakistani Armies BAT SSG Commandos infiltrated 250 meters on Indian side of the LOC , ambushed an Indian border patrol and killed and beheaded Naib Sub Paramjeet Singh of 22 Sikh Battalio...

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Parishmita   Sharma
As I sit and think through the gloomy window, my definitions and ways of looking at issues, beyond its meaning has got reasons. Time and again I am reminded, wish I were something else, carrying some ...

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