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Why India was "divided"?

Shamim   Akhtar
I am sure that people in India , Pakistan and Bangladesh are "well aware" of the historical "facts" that led to the partition of India in 1947. But are the "facts" narrated in a value neutral manner i...

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Working Stiff - book review

Arneet   Arora
The book by Judy Melinek is autobiographical and contemporary and describes how a Forensic Pathologist or a Medical Examiner in USA is trained to be one. The New York City is in the background and the...

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Sujata   Gautam
Atrocities and discriminations are common phenomenon for women in India. Equality of status is far from being women’s domain. Indian women are not free from being co modified, materialized, objectifie...

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Bhopal Notes - 17 :: Kerwa tigers - let them be

Proloy  Kumar  Bagchi
Looks like, the forest department is getting frustrated. It has been trying to cage the local tiger that has repeatedly been sighted close to outskirts of the town so that it could be tanslocated to a...

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Bihar defeat - Is it an eye opener to BJP ?

Surendra  Mohan  Shukla

Bihar election results though unexpected have opened up avenues and provided opportunities not only to mahagathbandhan but also to the BJP. Generally the victors tend to develop arrogance and hig...

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A Wedding with a Difference

Pradeep   Khare
“Not everyone believes that marriage transforms miserable and immature single people into paragons of maturity and bliss.”
This is a unique story. A story of t...

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