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Shraddha   Jain
Festivals-the only means to reunite,re-conciliate and maintain solidarity.
Here comes one among all- Happy EID-UL-FITR to everyone.
This EID, promote social harmony and make yourself resolute...

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Ishwarchandra   Chanchlani
१. संपत्ति कंजूस की, ख़ुद के काम न आय; जैसे मधुमक्खी कोई, अपना शहद न खाय; २. इतने भोले मत बनो, जितने भोलेनाथ ; भस्मासुर को वर दिया, मलने पड़ गए हाथ ; ३. बन्दा बनता यशस्वी, सह के दुःख...

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New ICHR Chief is a Communal Ideologue

Ram   Puniyani
Ideology as a cover for political agenda: ; New ICHR Chief is a Communal Ideologue ; Ram Puniyani; Electoral and political arena is only one of the grounds through which political agenda of v...

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क्या उत्तर पूर्व की जनता भारत के नागरिक नहीं हैं ?

Shamim   Akhtar
पिछले कुछ वर्षों में , पुरे भारत में और विशेषकर दिल्ली में, उत्तर पूर्व के लोगों के साथ होने वाला व्यवहार मुझे विचलित करता रहा है.
बहुत साल पहले , जब मैं बीस वर्ष का था , मैं पटना से अपनी सौ सीसी ...

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Amarnath pilgrimage needs to be journey to understand Kashmir Shaivism

Lalit   Kishore

Amarnath pilgrimage, in its true sense is meant to remind us the significance of Kashmir as a great Shaivite center since the ancient times subscribing for a special type of Shaivism called "Trik...

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Can't we change the trend???

Jyoti   Verma
It seems ridiculous to me whenever I see people scolding children quoting examples of others' and asking them to be like so and so and unknowingly in the whole process we belittle,discourage and dem...

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