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Brigadier Arun   Bajpai
In 2013 the five people who gang raped a Dalit girl in Bhiwani Haryana and there after started pressurising the family of the Dalit girl to take back the charges as a result the family left their home...

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Remembering My Gurus On Guru Purnima

Jagat  Singh  Bisht
Today is Guru Purnima.
Guru is the one who shows you the path and takes you from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and wisdom. Purnima is full moon.
Today is a special day to rem...

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She won over cancer!

Pradeep   Khare
“You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It's a mindset.”
-Dave Pelzer
She was all set to go on a pilgrimage to Mansarover in May 2015, but had to postpone h...

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World Gripped by the cancer of terror

Ram   Puniyani
A World Gripped by the Cancer of Terror; ; Ram Puniyani; ; The current times are very disturbing as so many innocent lives are being lost and social resources being destroyed due to the ...

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Anuradha  Ramaswamy  Ayyar
Phulkaas..........Iam told by my son , to keep only 4 phulkas in his tiffin. Iam just unable to obey his orders and I keep 5.....he is wild and I sheepishly avoid meeting him eye to eye.........this ...

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कामयाबी शिक्षा की

Prof. Prem  Mohan  Lakhotia
शिक्षा का कौन सा प्रयोग ज़्यादा कामयाब लगता है? मेरी पीढ़ी ने अपने बच्चों को थोड़ी बहुत तहज़ीब, अच्छा आचरण और दायित्व-बोध सिखाया; वे अपनी रुचि के अनुसार विषयगत निपुणता का श्रेय या कोताही का खामियाज़ा अपने ...

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