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Vishal  Girdharilal  Bhambhani

The Festival of Light- DEEPAWALI is celebrated once in a year. However, its true spirit can be felt everyday and every-moment. Deepawali is the celebration of...

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गन्दगी को दूर भगाओ

Ishwarchandra   Chanchlani
गंदगी को दूर भगाओ ; गन्दगी को दूर भगाओ, गन्दगी है बुराई ; कूड़ा-कचरा नज़र न आए, ऐसी करो सफ़ाई; बड़ी बुरी है गन्दगी; करे नरक सी ज़िन्दगी; हर जगह हो ऐसी सफ़ाई ; जहाँ हो सके बंदगी ; साफ़...

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Diwali messages said in haiku

Lalit   Kishore
Traditionally, Diwali, as festival of lights, was celebrated with lighted earthen lamps filled with oil and having cotton wicks. The Diwali illuminations were earlier done for rekindling hope of dispe...

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"Swachchha Bharat" and dirty Bhopal

Proloy  Kumar  Bagchi
It has been more than a fortnight since the "swachcha Bharat" campaign was launched by the country's Prime Minister but the Bhopal Municipal Corporation, laggard as it has always been, is yet to get ...

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ये हमें क्या होता जा रहा है?

Rahul   Hemraj

अभी कुछ दिनों पहले दिल्ली चिड़ियाघर में फोटो के फेर में एक युवक बाघ के पिंजरे में जा गिरा। आगे क्या हुआ ये न जाने आप कहाँ-कहाँ पढ़ चूके .......... लेकिन मेरा मन विचलित हो उठा यह देखकर कि वहाँ खड़े स...

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Heart's Nook.

Dr.rashmi  Salil  Kumar
There are some 'magical nooks' --in life's 'songs',; Where flowers bloom and butterflies throng, ; Where the birds sing , to the heart--beats sounds, ; Where happiness is 'pure' --joy knows n...

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