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Problems of very senior citizens

Piyush  Chandra  Sharma
There are problems being faced by very senior citizens who are living with their spouse alone as their children are all away. The idea of sharing these problems is to get some tips about viable soluti...

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Women & Online shopping- a therapy indeed?

Jaisheen   Kaur
Perfect pairs of jeans, beautiful dresses and stylish pairs of heels and ballet flats in the closet. What anything more, a women will desire? Shopping has always worked as a therapy for women, special...

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Today's dilemma

Ganesh  -  R
The taxi driver, as usual like all Singapore taxi drivers, was very amiable. His question was also not abnormal “how do you find Singapore? Is it not very safe? A woman can walk safely on the road ev...

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जो है सो काफी है

Rahul   Hemraj

इन दिनों रोज एक घटना लिखनी होती है जो हमें अपने पर और अपनों पर विश्वास करने को प्रेरित करे। ये मैं अपने फेसबुक पेज 'दिल से' के लिए करता हूँ। मैं सोचता था, रोज की एक पॉजिटिव स्टोरी, ये शायद नहीं ह...

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I want to rise above

Ashna   Anand
I want to rise above,; the little troubles of life; I want to rise above,; every suffering and strife; Looking beyond the everyday; miseries; savoring each moment of love; and pea...

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World Poetry Day: Here's my Poetry-Prose Diamante poem for the observance

Lalit   Kishore
On the occasion of the World Poetry Day, March 21, the UNESCO chief Irina Bokova in her message said, "Every poem is unique but each reflects the universal in human experience, the aspiration for crea...

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