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Vipassana Meditation: All You Wanted to Know About the 10-Day Retreat

Jagat  Singh  Bisht
Vipassana is an ancient technique of meditation discovered by the Buddha more than two thousand and five hundred years ago. It is non-sectarian and open to people of all colour and creed.
The 10-d...

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गोमांसः समाज को बांटने वाला एक और मुद्दा

Ram   Puniyani
गोमांसः समाज को बांटने वाला एक और मुद्दा
-राम पुनियानी
गोरक्षा के मुद्दे पर पहला बड़ा आंदोलन आज से ठीक 50 वर्ष पूर्व (नवंबर 1966) हुआ था और तब से यह मुद्दा जिंदा है। इसी मुद्दे को लेकर हाल में ...

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Only Oasis I Love, to Believe

Dr. Radhika   Jonnalagedda
Through the curtains of smoke, I caught his expression ; To stand by me or to just be a bystander, is his dialemma ; A stranger in my life, yet one who made me smile about myself; Wonders hap...

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Bachpan ke din......-:)

Saket   Malviya
Bachpan ke din the bade khass,; Hum the sabse bindass; Without tension thi life hamari,Jo thi sabpe bhari; Bappo ke bhi baap the hum,; Q ki sabse khass the hum ,; Paal me hasna paal me ...

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Brigadier Arun   Bajpai
Winter session of parliament had started almost two weeks back but till dale both house of parliament are non functional due to ruckus created by the opposition parties. No business has been transacte...

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Dr.rashmi  Salil  Kumar
My heart is dancing eyes are twinkling ..and i'm feeling like the cat's whiskers !! This solemn , selfish 'Life' suddenly seems so simple and delightful !
Life is beautiful...Life is strange...

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