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Three Years of Modi Sarkar

Three Years of Modi Sarkar; ; Ram Puniyani; ; ; ; This May 26 Modi Sarkar completes three years in office. Various programs (Modi Fest

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Governing India's breaucracy

Governing India’s bureaucracy
By Ashok Coomar
Some recent developments have exposed serious issues Involving India’s top bureaucracy whic

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The magic of gratitude

There are so many things happening in our lives some make us happy, and others unhappy. We teach children to say ‘thank you’ to anyone who

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Belwa is the first child centric and torture free model village of PVCHR

In 2000 PVCHR started its work in southern ghetto of Belwa village where mostly people from other backward caste (OBCs) and dalits such as Patels, Mus

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On 01 May, Pakistani Armies BAT SSG Commandos infiltrated 250 meters on Indian side of the LOC , ambushed an Indian border patrol and killed and beh

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As I sit and think through the gloomy window, my definitions and ways of looking at issues, beyond its meaning has got reasons. Time and again I am re

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Judges vaccation

My morning walk companion is a civil engineer who has returned home after working in the gulf for over twenty years. During the hour long walk we disc

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Bhopal Notes :: 50 :: Disappearing trees of Bhopal

I have already written about one of the more significant statements of Murati Bapu, the Hindu religious leader who goes about giving religious and

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Waiting for light in her dark world.

A beautiful lady in a place so dark,; Waiting for someone to light a candle ; An instant beauty from his small spark; Wants her emotions for him

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Life - A welcome vicissitude

The day we take birth,; Our eyes we don't open;; We know nothing about the impurities of earth.; Then one day a gun shoots our mind ,; The bul

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MUSINGS.; Today..I'm wondering...; Whether I should get more serious..; About 'Life' and ' Death'..; ..and such grave matters.; Whether I sh

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The Happiness Mantra

The Happiness Mantra
Everyone wants to be happy. Here are some simple happiness mantras:
• Every morning, do yoga

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VYANG >>मिले दल मेरा तुम्हारा

मिले दल मेरा तुम्हारा ; विवेक रंजन श्रीवास्तव ; ओ बी ११ , विद्युत मण्डल कालोनी , रामपुर जबलपुर ; ९४२५८०६२५२; मुझे कोई यह बताये कि जब हमारे नेत

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कहानी (भोपाल) बस स्टैंड की

गत कुछ दिनों से नगर के प्रमुख समाचार पत्र दैनिक भास्कर में भोपाल बस स्टैंड को वर्तमान स्थान नादिरा बसस्टैंड से हटा कर नाव बहार सब्ज़ी मंडी के स्थान पर

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Bachpan ke din......-:)

Bachpan ke din the bade khass,; Hum the sabse bindass; Without tension thi life hamari,Jo thi sabpe bhari; Bappo ke bhi baap the hum,; Q ki sa

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We need rules for Social Media

Gone are the days when people connected through school, colleges, hobbies, jobs or common friends. More than 70% of communication happens these days t

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Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy
Bhopal gas tragedy was the deadliest gas leak incident in India, also the worst in the world. It was on the nigh

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The Shore of my Life

Alone! Alas! Aloof!; I stay forlorn,; From Shore away,; Waiting, Thinking and Waiting,; For the moment,; When,; Once in a while,; She gi

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Film Review : Pink

Greatness is an exponential function of talent and time in mathematical terms . This has been more than established yet again by the Shehanshah of Cel

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नागवंश और आस्तिक बाबा का दरबार आलेख

बचपन में कही दादी नानी की कहानियों में एक बात बतायी जाती थी कि धरती शेषनाग के फन पर टिकी है और जब शेषनाग थोडी सी भी करवट लेते हैं तो धरती पर जलजला आ ज

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