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Kisan Chachi

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise”-W.E.B .Dubois
There was a time when she just had a fistful

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Mimetic Desire: Six-Word Poems

In response to the conference on “Media, Market & Mimesis: Trending Trinity” to be held in Jaipur (27-29 January, 2015), I tried to understand the lin

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कुछ विचार

निकल जाती है ; उम्र एक ; नन्हे पौधे को ; पेड़ बनाने में ; बीत जाता है ; युग एक ; नींव पत्थर को ; ईमारत बनाने में ; हो जाते हैं ;

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Outrage in Pakistan over massacre of school children by Talibani terrorists in Peshawar

Pakistan plunged into a state of shock, anger, grief and mourning on December 16 when at about 11.45 AM, 6 heavily armed allegedly Arabic speaking Tal

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How is Ghar Vapasi different from Forcible COnversions?

How is Ghar Vapasi Different from Forcible Conversions?
Ram Puniyani
Propaganda around conversions has been one of the major political tools dur

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"We need to do something before it’s too late,; We’re no less than men, get this straight!; Stop doing this to us, let us do what we do.; As the

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In 1955 I was in my late teens and it looked like as if I had been somehow put on travel¬¬¬¬¬ mode. I had just been to Bombay where I had spent most o

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Pensively --'Alive'

My heart's a little numb , ; Though the mind a-frenzied, ; Thoughts are floating by, ; Like wisps of soft candy...; Lost one more friend, ;

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हरिकृष्ण प्रेमी पुरस्कार श्री विवेक रंजन श्रीवास्तव-जबलपुर की नाट्य कृति 'हिंदोस्तां हमारा' को

साहित्य अकादमी द्वारा विविध-विधाओं के राष्ट्रीय-प्रादेशिक पुरस्कार घोषित
हरिकृष्ण प्रेमी पुरस्कार श्री विवेक रंजन श्रीवास्तव-जबलपुर की नाट्य कृति

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Tatular King become a secular King (in reference with Bahadur Sah Zafar 1857 revolt)

(i) Tatular King become a secular King (in reference with Bahadur Sah Zafar 1857 revolt)
The English people capture the throne of Delhi by differin

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She only loved one human being in her entire life, her son. She told me, he was a gift from a man who slept in the deep mountains and rested on the sk

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On 01 Dec ,approximately 2000 constables of local Cobra force and CRPF personnel fanned out in sukma forests of Chhattisgarh State for area domin

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Dream In The Secret ( Prologue ) By Prateek Jain

It’s dark. The whole place is silent….silent as death. It’s eerie and it’s cold. Suddenly a mobile rang, making me jump up from my seat. T

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Hello all, this weekend i bring to you one of the most revolutionary ideas introduced in clothing industry or so called Fashion industry in early 1940

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विश्वास के बीज, खुशियों की फसल

एक व्यक्ति अपने जीवन में जहाँ कहीं है वह अपने विचारों की बदौलत है और ये विचार, ये बनते हैं हमारे देखने-सुनने से। जैसा हम देखते-सुनते है वैसे ही विचार

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30 years after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal was my home from 1994 to 2011.Though I have been living in Noida since 2011 Bhopal is still very special for me. I shall be attending a meeting

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आपका भोपाल

कहीं पे पहाड़ियाँ और कहीं बने हुए हैं ताल,; राजा भोज कि ये नगरी और नाम है भोपाल,; है ये हमारी मध्य भारत की राजधानी,; सुनो

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Old Handkerchief

After the end of a long day, he just put his bag aside and went straight into his grandfather’s room. He saw that he is busy in reading the newspaper

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Laughter Is A Universal Language

Laughter is a universal language. It knows no barriers.
This was proved when we conducted a two-day laughter yoga and meditation programme for a sm

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Women... Wives... and Men!

A business meeting - and a pointed comment or observation by a business person {well, ok - a man} that deserves a mention... "Men will look for 6000 -

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