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Vipassana Meditation: All You Wanted to Know About the 10-Day Retreat

Vipassana is an ancient technique of meditation discovered by the Buddha more than two thousand and five hundred years ago. It is non-sectarian and op

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गोमांसः समाज को बांटने वाला एक और मुद्दा

गोमांसः समाज को बांटने वाला एक और मुद्दा
-राम पुनियानी
गोरक्षा के मुद्दे पर पहला बड़ा आंदोलन आज से ठीक 50 वर्ष पूर्व (नवंबर 1966) हुआ था और तब से

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Only Oasis I Love, to Believe

Through the curtains of smoke, I caught his expression
To stand by me or to just be a bystander, is his dialemma
A stranger in my life, yet on

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Bachpan ke din......-:)

Bachpan ke din the bade khass,; Hum the sabse bindass; Without tension thi life hamari,Jo thi sabpe bhari; Bappo ke bhi baap the hum,; Q ki sa

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Winter session of parliament had started almost two weeks back but till dale both house of parliament are non functional due to ruckus created by the

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My heart is dancing eyes are twinkling ..and i'm feeling like the cat's whiskers !! This solemn , selfish 'Life' suddenly seems so simple and de

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Destinations :: Himachal Pradesh (1) :: Kasauli & Chail (1977)

While posted at Chandigarh I was specially enamoured of the hills up in the North. During the visits to the then centre of the town, Secto

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Reverse brain drain

“I dream of a digital India where farmers are empowered with real time information to be connected with global markets”-Narendra Modi
In Banihalli,

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We need rules for Social Media

Gone are the days when people connected through school, colleges, hobbies, jobs or common friends. More than 70% of communication happens these days t

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हर पौधे में फूल है !!!

हर पौधे में ; एक फूल छिपा है ; खिलने को भी ; समर्थ भरा है ; पर !!!!; ये खिलेगा उतना उतना ; हवा ,पानी ,सूरज मिलेगा ; इनको जितना जितना !!!

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Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy
Bhopal gas tragedy was the deadliest gas leak incident in India, also the worst in the world. It was on the nigh

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The Shore of my Life

Alone! Alas! Aloof!; I stay forlorn,; From Shore away,; Waiting, Thinking and Waiting,; For the moment,; When,; Once in a while,; She gi

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Rio Olympics - an attempt to learn what went wrong

Dust has settled following Rio Olympics but not before huge noises were made, on the poor performance of a country of over a billion people, Spear

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Film Review : Pink

Greatness is an exponential function of talent and time in mathematical terms . This has been more than established yet again by the Shehanshah of Cel

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नागवंश और आस्तिक बाबा का दरबार आलेख

बचपन में कही दादी नानी की कहानियों में एक बात बतायी जाती थी कि धरती शेषनाग के फन पर टिकी है और जब शेषनाग थोडी सी भी करवट लेते हैं तो धरती पर जलजला आ ज

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this morning

In high spirits after a sincere one hour walk , plank and push ups ... Nothing more to ask for ! Walked into the lift on the way to break fast and fin

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BORN TO BURN From My Novel Eleven Rhythms Of Life

Yes, she is so beautiful… My princess…
She is and she always will be, my sweet, little princess… My daughter… My only daughter. She looks very beau

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Peace and Justice

For quite some time, a very simple question has been haunting me. Whether peace is the end result of a just society or justice in human society bring

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A few residing at the frontiers ; ensuring the peace nd satiation; When the multitude is safe; Taking a nap at their nests; At several festivi

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On Kashmir - What India owes to the Valley and her People

This blog is inspired by two parallel events – a recent spate of violence in the beautiful valley of Kashmir and my concurrent reading of the book “In

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