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Ambedkars Ideology: Religion Nationalism and Indian Constitution

Ambedkar’s Ideology: Religion, Nationalism and Indian Constitution
Ram Puniyani
In order to gain larger legitimacy, RSS has been making claims o

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प्रेम - एक चिन्तन

सयाने भले कहें - प्रेम न करना; प्रेम किए दु:ख होय। उनके ख़याल में प्रेम करना बुद्धिहीनता है। मेरे लिए प्रेम करना एक बुद्धिमत्ता है क्यों

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'SUBHAS BOSE' : THE POWER INCARNATE BEYOND TIMES'. The depth of the sense of this title is undoubtedly attributed to a personality who not only challe

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Spiritual message of Malayalam New Year festival "Vishu?

The Malayalam New Year festival "Vishu” is being celebrated today (April 15) in Kerala. The main ritual of the festival is "Vishukkani" which literall

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देखो, मैं खिल रही हूँ।

खान मार्केट दिल्ली में वो बस स्टॉप पर खड़ी थी कि अचानक किसी ने धक्का दिया और मुँह पर हाथ रख नीचे गिरा दिया। वो गुड्डू ही था, एक ग्लास में एसिड भर कर ला

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रावण जलता साल में

रावण जलता साल में; रावण जलता साल में, केवल एक ही बार; होता है सीता-हरण, रोज़ाना बाज़ार ; सेवा करके अकड़ना, है ये ऐसी भूल ; नहा के ज्यों शरीर पे,

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After I did my post graduation my father told me to prepare for the Civil Services Examinations. In those days there was no other alternative except t

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Laughter Yoga with Commandos

I took a morning flight from Indore, halting briefly at Mumbai, which touched Bengaluru by noon.
As I came out of the arrival gate, a pleasant sur

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अनमोल भावना

अनमोल भावना ; वो ही सुख इस मन को भाया ; जिसमे सच का दर्पण पाया ; क्यों जाऊं मैं मंदिर-मज़िद ; मुझ पर है अपनों का साया ; होती वही अनमोल भावना

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Sindhutai -the Mother of Orphans

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your f

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Coexistence of Religions

It is well recognized by enlightened persons in our society that basic tenets of all religions are similar, only focus on them may differ. However, th

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Yes, I'm a woman!

Yes, I’m a woman. A beautiful one at that!; With my head on my shoulders,; My feet firm on the ground,; I’m ready to move boulders,; I can tur

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The morning flight from Singapore to Mumbai was packed. There were more families than business travellers perhaps an indication of the long Easter wee

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Women & Online shopping- a therapy indeed?

Perfect pairs of jeans, beautiful dresses and stylish pairs of heels and ballet flats in the closet. What anything more, a women will desire? Shopping

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I want to rise above

I want to rise above,; the little troubles of life; I want to rise above,; every suffering and strife; Looking beyond the everyday; miseries

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God, can you bring back those days,; When we were kids and dad was young.; Those wonder smitten old days,; When all day long we just had fun.

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Beyond that sunset; Lies her destiny; Beyond that sunset; Stands something waiting; She belongs to the world which awakes at night; She belo

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कर्मयोगी के गुण

कर्मयोगी के गुण; मनुष्य का आचरण; उसकी धारणा सिद्ध करे; धारणा उसकी; कल्पना सिद्ध करे; कल्पना उसकी; महत्त्वाकांक्षा सिद्ध करे; महत्त्वाकां

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जाने कैसा रिश्ता है..; इन अहसासों का..; अश्कों से..!; अहसास..; चाहें खुशी का हो.. या.. गम का..!; जैसे ही पहुँचता है.. दिल तक..!; अश्क भी..

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NITI Aayog

A Farewell to ‘One Size Fits All’
Niti Aayog [National Institute for Transforming India Aayog] is a policy think tank of the Union

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