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This text is in consideration for the beleaguered Indian males who feel challenged with a transformed group they seem to be so unfamiliar with: The Mo

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Freedom of Faith

Freedom to practice any faith is the basic human right. All the religions of the world have evolved for establishing the right values required for hea

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Incredible meteoric rise of a cobbler's son

“Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.”
Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO
His father

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Beef, Pink Revolution and Identity Politics

Beef, Pink Revolution and identity Politics
Ram Puniyani
This time around (2014) the practitioners of sectarian politics had projected as if th

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खामखाँ सी यह ज़िन्दगी है; न कोई जीने की वजह है...; अकेला है यह जिस्म मेरा ; और रूह भी तनहा है...!!; मकान तो बड़ा है बहुत <

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The Falling from Grace

The Falling from Grace
Yes! It is really a disturbibg scene that we are witnessing in today’s politics. The difficulty is that everybody and anybod

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Casting my vote comes first. All come later. I am sure who shall deserve my vote. I cannot paint all with a black colour brush. May be, he would not w

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My Late friend Yashwant Argare, editor of the Hitavada, once a flourishing English daily of central India, knew more Urdu verses than any modern-day

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Coalition Dharma

Atal ji during the 2002 Gujarat riots admonished Narendra Modi for not following “Raj Dharma “he equated the CM with the ruler or Raja of the stat

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Easter as cornerstone of Christianity

According to the followers of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus, celebrated as Easter, is the cornerstone of their faith. The New Testament proc

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Destinations: China (1982): Nanking

We were at Xian airport waiting for the flight to Nanking. After about a couple of hours we were told to get on to a flight that had arrived a few min

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Men, according to prostitutes

An artical by Chinki Sinha,open
MUMBAI ~ The red of their lips was outlined in black. Kohl was applied carefully to accentuate the lips, give them

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पतंग; पतंग है मेरी लाल - हरी,; पिंटू की नीली - पीली; ऊंची उड़ती जाए हवा में; चले, चाल अलबेली; मटक - मटक कर कैसी नाचे,; उड़े हवा में - आगे,

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That Lesson

Their relationship was not able to handle that storm, storm that just came and everything was gone. It devastated their lives, mind and the inner soul

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भारत माँ

भारत माँ; प्रो. सी.बी. श्रीवास्तव ; ओ.बी. 11, एमपीईबी रामपुर, जबलपुर ; मो.9425806252 ; स्नेह की प्रतिमा सुहानी हमारी भारत है माँ; दु

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कभी हमने भी ...

कभी हमने भी बहारों को पुरशबाब देखा था,; किसी के जूड़े में अपना लगा गुलाब देखा था |; अभी तारे हैं गर्दिश में, अंधेरा ही अंधेरा है; कभी बांहों के घ

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Hormonal Fencing

Recently, Ms.Ritu Sharma translated into English 15 of my short stories, written originally in Hindi.This Book "HORMONAL FENCING" has been published b

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Black Box and Aviation Industry

Souvent, one of the first trinket of techno-speak that springs to our mind and that becomes an eye catcher of media's headlines as we hear of an aviat

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The essence of Jainism

Mahavir Jayanti is going to be celebrated on April 13 this year. Lord Mahavir was the last and 24th Tirthankaras of the Jains who established the tene

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Law of the Garbage Truck.

One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space

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