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Green Park, Kanpur

Green Park, Kanpur
Green Park at Kanpur where the 1st cricket test match between New Zealand and India was played is being mentioned as one of the

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ज़िन्दगी शून्य सी !!!

ज़िन्दगी शून्य सी ; बिना इकाई ; अनंत अपार सी ; इकाई आते ही ; जैसे हो जाती ; बाधित सी ; ज़िन्दगी शून्य सी ; बिना इकाई ; अनंत अपार सी ;

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Removing Clutter !

Here -a -clutter...there a -clutter...; Everywhere ..a- clutter--clutter !; Before you get drowned, ; this utter --clutter ...; Cut it o

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The making of a CA

“Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up.”
-Rachel Corrie
His parents often engaged in family quarrels ov

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After Mrs India Gandhi cut Pakistan into two nations and created Bangladesh in 1971with Indian Army winning the greatest battle after World War 2

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नागवंश और आस्तिक बाबा का दरबार आलेख

बचपन में कही दादी नानी की कहानियों में एक बात बतायी जाती थी कि धरती शेषनाग के फन पर टिकी है और जब शेषनाग थोडी सी भी करवट लेते हैं तो धरती पर जलजला आ ज

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जाति का उन्मूलनः क्रांति और प्रतिक्रांति

जाति का उन्मूलनः क्रांति और प्रतिक्रांति
-राम पुनियानी
उना, गुजरात में हुए भयावह घटनाक्रम से यह साफ है कि देश में दलित-विरोधी मानसिकता अब भी जीव

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this morning

In high spirits after a sincere one hour walk , plank and push ups ... Nothing more to ask for ! Walked into the lift on the way to break fast and fin

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BORN TO BURN From My Novel Eleven Rhythms Of Life

Yes, she is so beautiful… My princess…
She is and she always will be, my sweet, little princess… My daughter… My only daughter. She looks very beau

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A few residing at the frontiers ; ensuring the peace nd satiation; When the multitude is safe; Taking a nap at their nests; At several festivi

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Peace and Justice

For quite some time, a very simple question has been haunting me. Whether peace is the end result of a just society or justice in human society bring

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Happiness Department in Madhya Pradesh has Teething Trouble

It is sad that the first meeting of Anand Vibhag, the proposed Happiness Department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh in India, was not a happy one

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On Kashmir - What India owes to the Valley and her People

This blog is inspired by two parallel events – a recent spate of violence in the beautiful valley of Kashmir and my concurrent reading of the book “In

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Yeh Zindagi mili hai humko,; Khushiyon ko manane ke liye; Yeh Zindagi mili hai humko,; Sabse pyaar jatane ke liye; Nafrat ki chingari se,; I

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Phulkaas..........Iam told by my son , to keep only 4 phulkas in his tiffin. Iam just unable to obey his orders and I keep 5.....he is wild and I shee

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कामयाबी शिक्षा की

शिक्षा का कौन सा प्रयोग ज़्यादा कामयाब लगता है? मेरी पीढ़ी ने अपने बच्चों को थोड़ी बहुत तहज़ीब, अच्छा आचरण और दायित्व-बोध सिखाया; वे अपनी रुचि के अनुसार व

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काश्मीर में पंडितो की पुनर्स्थापना

देश की अखण्डता के लिये देश के हर हिस्से में सभी धर्मो के लोगो का बिखराव जरूरी है
विवेक रंजन श्रीवास्तव विनम्र
अधीक्षण अभियंता सिविल, म प्र पू

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तूफ़ान तो नये हैं

तूफ़ान तो नये हैं ; कश्ती है टूटी-फूटी, तूफ़ान तो नये हैं; अब भी हमारे दिल में अरमान तो हैं ; बर्पा न हो हंगामा, हमको है डर सताता ; गर शराब है

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Gadgets, mm……interesting? Might be for some people. Irritating? Yeah well that’s what the past generation thinks! Let me introduce you to the one and

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A star studded sunset

Taking an internship program in a new country with a very different culture from my own has been quite an adventure so far.
Just a couple of weeks

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