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Babulal   Gaur

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Profession : Politician
Birthday : Jun 02
Gender : Male
Location : Bhopal , INDIA   
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'soul, mind,body'
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currently minister of Urban Administration and Development, Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation, Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, India. He was born in a yadava family in a village in Uttar Pradesh. He served as chief minister from August 23, 2004 following the resignation of Uma Bharti. He stepped down in November 2005 after Shivraj Singh Chauhan was elected the Chief Ministers by the MLAs. Gaur is a member of the BJP.
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mr .Babulal Gaur will go to Bagroda after half hour. i-cast via mobile
Jan 19 2010 11:51AM
Shri Babulal Gaur is going back to residence after visit to gas hosp. i-cast via mobile
Jan 19 2010 11:38AM
Shri Babulal Gaur is going to see development work at Prempura ghat and Sevaniya gond i-cast via mobile
Jan 16 2010 9:54AM
Mr.Babulal Gaur is in BJP office for a meeting.He will be back in 1 hr. i-cast via mobile
Jan 14 2010 5:46PM
Mr.Babulal Gaur is in BJP office for a meeting.He will be back in 1 hr. i-cast via mobile
Jan 14 2010 5:46PM
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