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Vivekanandan   Thanigaivel

Profile :: Vivekanandan Thanigaivel

Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Birthday : Aug 20
Gender : Male
Location : Chennai , INDIA   
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'soul, mind,body'
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I am Funny and easily adaptable to any kind of environment. I dream a lot and my life is filled with lot of dreams in the form of WISH.

For me Life is to be lived thinking there is no tomorrow. I am open hearted with my very close friends. I love to be with people whom i get impressed at my first meet. Its like "love at first sight".

My suggestion for "Path to Success" is "Plan for more than one option to reach that success. If one fails you have plan B and it should go on and on untill you reach that success".

Think about you first, Think about the family & society next and one day you will have a lot of time to think about our nation to make it a "Worlds no.1".

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