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Chopper Crash

In one of the most tragic times of Uttarakhand flo

Our new breed- Silent & Forgetful

Tragedy after tragedy, rapes after rapes, murders,

I have become controversial in the media community- Madhu Trehan

Madhu Purie Trehan, a veteran Indian journalist, k

Love U Daddy

Happy father's Day Daddy,
I am missing you so m

Is Suicide the only way out? A discussion.

A boy drank acid n died due to bad marks. A girl b
Reading 'Like a Flowing river' by Paulo Coelho, touched by the story of a pencil
Just back from a nice holiday in -10 degree temperatures....

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Profession : Media/Journalist/Author
Birthday : Nov 23, 1888
Gender : Female
Location : Pune, INDIA

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