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i-Cast - FAQ

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Piyush   Goel
Piyush Thoughts 1. To imagine is to have Everything. 2. Love makes the way to God. 3. Present is Past in Future. 4. Pain is sure in Gain. 5. In this world there are lot of Yesterdays,not many Tomorrows. 6. Luck is a duck can Swim,Walk and Fly. 7. Luck is as Lock you have its Key. Click left it,s closes. Click right it,s open.


Dr. Ashok  Kumar  Shukla
यूँ तो मैं उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य के जनपद सीतापुर में महाकवि नरोत्तमदास की जन्मस्थली से जुड़े ग्राम का मूल निवासी हूँ परन्तु मेरा जन्म 05 जनवरी , 1967 को उत्तराखंड राज्य के जनपद पौड़ी (गढ़वाल) में हुआ। पिता के राजकीय सेवा में होने के कारण शिक्षा-दीक्षा उत्तराखंड के पौड़ी (गढ़वाल), पिथौरागढ़, तथा उत्तरकाशी जनपदों में पूरी हुई। उत्तराखंड में जन्म लेने


Raj   Malhotra
I'm too much excited 4 my coming examination .


Piyush  Chandra  Sharma
Seasons greetings to our friends. Wishing them a happy new year. Sorry for the long hiatus in my communication due to unavoidable engagements.


Aishwary   Singh
Do checkout my sure you'll like it link- https:/ Do let me know your feedback.:)


Arun   Prabha P S


Kavita   Rawat
उच्च विचार जिनके साथ रहते हैं वे कभी अकेले नहीं रहते हैं एक जैसे पंखों वाले पंछी एक साथ उड़ा करते हैं


Chandini   Rao
Though it is hurting it is really interesting to know how the world is.....


Surendra  Mohan  Shukla
Hello Ashfaq I want to talk to you urgently on one important subject. Pl mail me your new telephone number and mail ID Thanks Dr Shukla


Ms Ali   Olia
Hi there.. are you ready for a weekend with a twist? So am I! Looking forward to read & write about something that would add a twist to my life.


Ashfaq   Ahmad
Merry Christmas to all bloggers family.......


Sonal  Ramdeo
Check out my new blog at


Bhawna   Agarwal
Hello Everyone!!!


Shlok   Chandra
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"


Ajit  Prakash  Jain
All the person will love you on condition that first you should love yourself...


Shamim   Akhtar
Dear friends I have been "inactive" here for quite sometimes..please checkout my own website


Avinash   Chauhan
I am working in Essel Group in Gwalior. I awarded by best employ of the year.


Mahima   Kumar
I'm a glow worm , I ain't fire. (The light in me is original , I don't need the ignition to sparkle.)


Spectrum   Physio
Welcome to spectrum Physio Centre, The state of art centre for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Ergonomics and Home based Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation service.


Ruhi  Hanifa  Quazi
I realised this fact that my frndz r my life line, with them i am Ruhi without them i am nothing.


i-cast - FAQ

1) What is i-cast?

i-cast is new and innovative! You can keep you in touch with people you care about-your friends (and constituents) by updating them (i-casting) about your movements/actions either by Internet or by Mobile so that they know what you have done/are doing.This way they will know instantly what you want them to know. You do not have to send seperate update to each of them.
'Following' are those you want to get update from. 'Followers' are those you want should get your update. For this micro-blogging/social-networking service you can send a message (i-cast) of upto 160 characters at one time.
Click here to see the example

2) What is i-cast through mobile?

Using i-cast with your phone will change the feel of i-cast for you. Not only can you receive text messages on your mobile when those you are following update (i-cast), you can also send updates (i-casts) to your followers while you're on the go by messaging 5667767.

3) How can I use my phone to i-cast?

You can send i-cast updates from To use your mobile phone please ensure that you are authenticated on the site (do that at registration time, or check your profile page).

4) Text Messages? Sounds expensive. How much will i-cast cost me?

To get i-casts from those you are following on your mobile you have to subscribe. The rates are given. To get i-casts on the net on your i-cast zone you don’t have to subscribe-it is free and will keep coming if you are listed as a follower.

5) How does i-cast use my phone number?

Think of i-cast as a single-point contact that relays all messages amongst friends. I-cast uses your number to send web updates to your phone in text message format. Your number is private; i-cast never reveals phone number information.

6) What are i-cast phone numbers?

We currently have one short code. When you add your mobile number, we'll tell you which number to send to.

  • In India, use 5667767.

Note: if you send messages to a number other than the one listed in your settings page, the message will be dropped. For all people using international numbers: once your phone is verified, you'll be able to send your updates to i-cast, but you will not be able to receive text updates from i-cast.

7) How do I add my phone to i-cast?

Authenticate yourself on by ensuring your mobile-number is added. Once you've added your phone to i-cast, just send the verification code in a text message to the mobile number. Once your phone is verified, you can use i-cast.

8) If I change my phone number, can I change it on i-cast?

When you will change your mobile no, you can change number on profile.

9) How do I i-cast from my phone?

Send a text message to 5667767. It will appear on your i-cast zone and that of your followers. If they have subscribed to mobile they will get it on their mobile as well. Wonderful!!!!

10) Register yourself

Register on www.scratchmysoul.comIf you are not a registered member of Register Now

11) If already registeredSign In and follow the path:

My Profile —› i-cast box at left coloumn —› Select Followings
After reaching the page search the member you want to follow, add this name by clicking the "Add >>" button.
Finally click the "Submit" button to save your followings.

12) Example of i-cast.

Click here to see the example