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Dawood  Ibrahim
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Dawood Ibrahim

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Dawood has new Karachi address    
Mafia don Dawood Ibrahim's new address in Karachi is "House No. 6-A, Phase-5, Defence Housing Area, Karachi, according to sources in the intelligence agencies.

Notwithstanding Islam-abad's repeated denials of Dawood's presence in Pakistan, the don, under state protection, recently shifted to his new house in Karachi.

Dawood was named by the US treasury department as a "Special Designated Global Terr-orist". According to intelligence sources, the new address has been given to Islamabad, which has refused to accept it.

"There are confirmed reports that Dawood also visits Tiger Memon's house in Karachi. The address of Tiger Memon's house is C-201, Extension-A, Karachi Development Area, Kar-achi," the sources disclosed.

Both these houses have been provided security by the Pakistani authorities. Dawood monitors his fake currency and drug smuggling rackets from these two addresses. His younger brother, Mustakeen, also owns a house in the same area in Karachi.

Dawood Ibrahim also owns another house in Karachi. The address of the other house was mentioned in the Interpol special notice issued against him in 2006 for his links with Al Qaeda. The special notice, which was circulated to UN member nations, had details of Dawood's 11 passports and 16 aliases. The notice, which was forwarded to the National Central Bureau (Interpol, New Delhi), disclosed the don's second Karachi address as "White House, near Saudi Mosque, Clifton Road, Karachi".

Identity documents forwarded to Interpol member countries reveal that Dawood, who also used the name of his brother Anees Ibrahim as one of his aliases, has as many as 11 passports issued from India, Pakistan, UAE and Yemen, said the official. Dawood is wanted for masterminding the 1993 serial Mumbai bomb blasts, which claimed 257 lives. India has in previous meetings given Pakistan a list of criminals, including Dawood, who are wanted for trial in India.
Dawood 's City : Karachi
Dawood 's Country : PAKISTAN
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